Why choose Nosda?

Each layer is meticulously designed to provide optimal cooling, support, pressure-point relief, and more.
We scouted for the best materials in the aim to give you luxuriously sleep that you can afford! Check out each layer!

IceSilk Removable Cover

Fights off heat-retention • Easy to clean and apply • Luxuriously soft to the skin

Natural Latex with Activated Charcoal

1st in Malaysia • Wards off odor, germs and moisture • Regulates temperature and humidity

Gel-infused Memory Foam

Enables temperature stabilisation • Provides extra comfort • Minimizes motion disturbance

5-zoned support foam

Supports each zone of the body • Relieves pressure points

Base Support Foam

Provides premium support and pressure relief

Anti-slip pad

Fastens the IceSilk mattress cover • Secures the bed from sliding

made for back pain relief

Your mattress aids better sleep by supporting 5 regions of the human body. The head/neck and shoulders, torso, upper back, lower back, and legs.

designed for minimal disturbance

Our medium-firm mattress is designed to suit the needs for all sleepers whether you are a light or heavy sleeper.

Free Delivery

We offer free shipping nationwide within Malaysia and Singapore. All return shipping is free.

100-night Trial

The risk-free sleep trial starts when you receive your any Nosda product. All you need to do is buy and try it for a total of 100 nights.

10-year Warranty

Your new Nosda mattress is covered by a 10 year Limited Warranty from the date of delivery to your home.


Nosda Mattress is a must-buy for sweet dreams

From the very first night I could feel the difference. I have been waking up with neck and back pain and now I’m waking with no pain at all. This mattress has changed my life ❤️

Xiong Hui

My nosda mattress is the best thing I have purchased. I always woke with back ache but after a couple of days I found I had my best sleep ever. I now settle down each night knowing a good nights sleep is to follow.


What a change. It does take a couple of weeks for your body to get used to the difference. We are sleeping so much better and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.


Soft and firm at the same time
. The bed is everything they say it is, I’ve never had more comfortable sleep in years!

Siow Ai-Vern

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Calista Leah

Sleep better, wake up fresher

The best mattress for suited for Malaysia's climate